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99.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating
99.4% Customer Satisfaction

Doing right by our clients and business partners is Mullinix Mortgage Group’s top priority. Keeping this principle in place throughout the entire mortgage process has earned us a 99.4% customer satisfaction rating.

99.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating
99.7% Closed By Contract Date

99.7% of all Mullinix Mortgage Group loans are closed on or before the contract date. By having a reputation for closing loans with speed and efficiency, we have been able to build better relationships with customers and professionals alike.

99.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating
T.B.D Loan Underwriting

Unlike most mortgage companies, Mullinix Mortgage Group underwrites To Be Determined (TBD) files before the client has a property. This means the client can be fully approved prior to finding a property.

*Data is derived from internal metrics as of 1/2019.

Mullinix Mortgage Group is a trusted local lender, backed by a national mortgage company with more than 20 years in the industry.

Founded by one of North Carolina’s top mortgage professionals, Will Mullinix, Mullinix Mortgage Group has established itself as a leader in the industry. Will Mullinix has assisted clients in the procurement of real estate loans totaling over $2 billion.


A home mortgage is of tremendous significance and importance. Through a service-oriented and referral based business model, Mullinix Mortgage Group strives to obtain excellence in assessing current mortgage programs and interest rates, as well as in providing clients with the necessary education to understand the components and nuances of a home mortgage.